December 29, 2007

Michigan's Electoral Votes

Where will Michigan's electoral votes go in the 2008 election? Many Democrats will say that they will go to the Democrat. I believe that we can't say for sure that that will happen.

Michigan is currently in an economic depression. Many people are out of work while the state budget is soaring They have dealt with government shutdowns and MAJOR budget shortfalls. Oh, and this has all been under a Democratic Governor and Legislature!

Apparently the socialist programs of Governor Granholm have bankrupted the state. The citizens of Michigan are aware of what policies have created there crappy situation and they are ready for a change! Because of this, do you think they would again vote for a Democrat who is making the same campaign promises of their failed Governor?

The DNC should look no further than the great state of Michigan to see why there policies never succeed. As Rush said, we owe the great citizens of Michigan a great debt because they are showing the rest of the world why the Democrats are wrong!

December 9, 2007

Faith In America

Republicans Find Their Obama?

There is an article in the New York Times Today about Mike Huckabee in which he is referred to as the Obama of the GOP. Well news for the NYT, yes, he is the Obama of the GOP. Huck and Obama agree on most issues so I would also call Obama the Huck of the Democratic Party.

Story here.

The Huckabee Effect

While many Mitt supporters are slamming Mike Huckabee right now I will not be doing exactly that here right now. There are several things that Huckabee is doing that are only helping Mitt Romney. Huckabee still does not have any hope of actually being the nominee. He has taken so many weak stances and made several different flip flops over the last several weeks that he will not be able to stand in a national election. But there is still some use to having Huckabee soaring in polls for Mitt people.

Huckabee has been able to bring Rudy's national numbers down to only a 7 point lead. Because Huck has gone so far he has put only a larger target on his own back. Huck will essentially bring down Rudy while Mitt slides through the cracks. So lets all raise up our glasses and toast Mike Huckabee as the best patsy ever!

November 30, 2007


Make sure to attend the RPV Advance to vote in the Virginia Straw Poll this Saturday. You must be a Virginian to vote! Voting will be at the RPV Advance which will be held at the Crystal City Hyatt Regency. Lets get another win for MITT!




Boston, MAGovernor Mitt Romney is the first Republican to file for ballot access in Virginia. Today, Governor Romney announced his intent to participate in the Virginia Presidential Primary Election to be held on February 12, 2008. Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Delegate Chris Peace submitted the necessary petitions and paperwork to the Virginia State Board of Elections office requesting that Governor Romney's name appear on the Virginia Republican primary ballot. Lieutenant Governor Bolling, who serves as Romney's Statewide Campaign Chairman in Virginia, released the following statement.

"Governor Mitt Romney is a leader Virginians can be proud to support. He is the only candidate in the race who has the experience, vision and values to lead this country forward. Mitt Romney is a proven problem solver. As President, he will take Washington apart and put it back together so that it works better for us. Governor Romney has built a very strong grassroots organization in Virginia. We are proud to be on his team."

RACE 4 2008

by Justin Hart

The first primary in Virginia just took place today! And Romney won.

At 1:30 today, Mitt Romney filed 15,000 signatures to meet the requirements for Virginia presidential primaries.

Every campaign in the race will tell you that Virginia has the most difficult process to get on the ballot. You have to submit 10,000 signatures with at least 700 signatures from each 11 congressional districts. Each county or city entity has to have its own petition page for signatures and you need the voter address and in some cases the last four digits of the social security number for it to be valid. People who collect signatures have to be registered voters in Virginia (in other words you can’t farm this out to high schoolers).

The VA ballot submissions opened up yesterday and as far as we know Romney is the first candidate to file.

Other candidates like Huckabee are actually paying 50 cents per signature. Thompson and Edwards are just getting started.

It will be interesting to see on December 14th who the actual candidates will be on the ballot.

As background, there are only a handful of paid staffers for Romney in Virginia but dozens of volunteers chipped in during the elections in November to help get the signatures required. Whole Saturdays were dedicated to rounding up the needed sigs. Unlike other campaigns Romney did this with a grassroots flare and did not outsource it.

Kudos to Team Romney, Lt. Gov. Bowling, and the VA team for making this happen.

This is one more example of why Romney is the best candidate to face the formidable forces of the DEMS in the general election.

November 24, 2007

Thompson Fails to Impress His Staff

The Thompson campaign has sunken to a new low. Staffers are now saying they feel that some days Fred doesn't feel like running for President. WOW! The staff could notice that too? I thought it was only the people that observed his campaign or watched his performances in debates that could notice that!

I am actually blown away at the article in Politico. It must be a slow news day if they have to report on how Thompson's campaign has been a net failure. Really, everyone at this point, even FRED himself, knows that he has failed.

Rudy Flip Flops

In a classic Rudy flip flop moment, Rudy says:

“It would be OK to repeal it,” he said, adding: “It would be OK also if a strict constructionist viewed it as precedent.”

November 22, 2007

Rudy Gets Slammed

Rudy says that he will uphold Roe V. Wade with his court appointed judges. Apparently the promise of appointing strict constructionist judges that would overturn the court decision was short lived! Apparently the strict constructionist judges that Rudy would appoint are the kind of judges that see a right to privacy that is not guaranteed in the constitution. Good work Rudy! You have successfully given the other Republican candidates enough ammunition to unseat your national numbers.

Politico has it here.